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Insurance is an important aspect when purchasing a house and here at Morland Potter Financial we will ensure that you have the right cover at the best prices on the market.

Buildings insurance is a requirement in nearly all cases as lenders are keen to protect their security. Many lenders offer cover at more expensive rates and take the monthly payments with mortgage payments. Whilst being an easy option for borrowers, this can cost many hundreds of pounds extra over the term of the mortgage. Here at Morland Potter Financial, our team of brokers have experience and expertise in insurance ensuring you will get the best cover at an excellent price and we will take care of all of the paperwork for you.

We are experts at obtaining the right buildings and contents cover and can also find the best deals for life assurance and mortgage/income protection. Being whole-of-market in life assurance allows us to secure all the best deals for you and our trained brokers are able to specifically tailor packages to suit your individual circumstances. Under-insurance is a problem many borrowers don’t know they are facing until it is too late. Underinsuring your contents can result in claims being seriously underpaid. For example, you’re insured for £20,000, but actually have £40,000 of contents, and then £5,000 worth is stolen. The insurer could then assess your property and only pay out in proportion to your cover, meaning you’ll just get £2,500 back.

Contact us for a free insurance review to ensure you have the right cover at the best prices.

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