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Caren Whelan is our specialist financial adviser and can offer advice on pensions and investment products. If you have any savings, pension or investment related queries, Caren’s wealth of expertise will be invaluable for you.

I truly believe that your financial situation is unique and as such your financial advice should be tailored to your own bespoke situation, which is then reviewed on an on-going basis to take into account your current and future circumstances. Morland Potter Financial specialises in delivering face-to-face wealth management advice to individuals, in all aspects of financial planning and are committed to building long term relationships with our clients The overall aim of my advice is to help clients secure their future, whether the priority is to:

  • Build and Preserve Capital

  • Gain Financial Protection Against Risk

  • Manage Cash and Borrowings

  • Reduce Inheritance Tax Liability

  • Plan for Retirement or

  • Manage a Portfolio

If you wish to book an initial free consultation, please contact me on either Tel:01743 245254 or email

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